Boeing Everett Factory Tours

Laten we even beginnen met enkele van onze bezoekje uit de doeken te doen.

Op zaterdag of zondag gaan we langs in de Boeing fabriek. op een kleine 50 km van Seattle gelegen en zeker een bezoek waard. Zoals je onderaan kan lezen waren er al enkele 'beroemde bezoekers' ons voor. Maar nu is het onze beurt om hun met onze aanwezigheid te vereren.

From the website : http://www.boeing.com/companyoffices/aboutus/tours/gw.html

Fact Sheet

Everett Tour Center

The Boeing Company announced in 1966 that it would build the world's largest jet airliner, the 747. This would require the company to construct an equally impressive manufacturing complex. The complex is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest building in the world by volume. The building has grown over the years to enclose 472 million cubic feet of space (13.3 million cubic meters). Its footprint covers 98.3 acres (39.8 hectares) and houses assembly for Boeing wide-body aircraft -- the 747, 767, 777 and 787.

The Boeing Company began conducting tours of the Everett facility in 1968, the year we rolled out the first 747. During 1998, we celebrate our 30th anniversary and welcome our two millionth visitor to the Tour Center. In 1968, over 39,000 visitors toured the facility that was building the largest airplane in the world in the largest building in the world. Thirty years later, about 110,000 people visit the Boeing factory annually. The Boeing Everett tour is one of the more popular tourist attractions in Washington state.

Some of the Everett factory's most notable visitors include: U.S. President Bill Clinton; U.S. Vice President Al Gore; Russian President Boris Yeltsin; Chinese President Jiang Zemin; President Soeharto of Indonesia; Prime Minister Paul Keating of Australia; Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad of Malaysia; President Ion Iliescu of Romania; Prince Phillipe of Spain; President Meri of Estonia; the late King Hussein of Jordan; His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, The Duke of York; and President Michal Kovac of Slovakia.


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