Qwest Field - American Football Stadium


Niet ver van het reeds eerdere behandelde baseball field ligt er nog zo eentje.

dit keer een tempel voor de American Football fans

klik maar eens op :



Het Qwest field :

-Naam: Qwest Field
-Locatie: Seattle, WA
-Stadium van: Seattle Seahawks
-Capaciteit: 68,000

-Grondlaag:  Natuurlijk sportgras
-Begin Constructie: Winter 2000
-Geopend: September 15, 2002
-Kostprijs: $450 Million
-Architect: Ellerbe Becket
-Stadium Address:   
800 Occidental Ave S   Seattle, WA 98134


A New Stadium for Seattle
In the late 1990s, as plans for a new football and soccer stadium began to take form, public agencies and the private sector acknowledged the importance of a balanced Transportation Management Program (TMP). The TMP needed to be consistent with the region’s approach on engaging stakeholder involvement and preserving the quality of life and the natural environment.

In 1998, Washington voters approved Referendum 48 allowing the use of public funds to build the stadium, an adjacent exhibition center and a parking structure. The referendum also created the Public Stadium Authority (PSA) to provide public representation as part owner. The new Seahawk Stadium is west of I-5 and north of Seattle Mariner’s Safeco Field. The site is where the former Kingdome stood within Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood. In 2000, the Kingdome was imploded and construction began. Two years later, the facility was completed within the $430-million budget and ahead of schedule. Seahawk Stadium was designed to host professional football and soccer games with a seating capacity of 67,000. The adjacent exhibition center typically hosts non-sporting events with up to 15,000 attendees.





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