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Grab an English-to-Dutch Dictionary …We’re having visitors from Belgium!
May 19, 2006

The Belgian Fire-Observers, a non-profit organization that arranges group educational trips to the US, is sending eight firefighters and paramedics to visit TVF&R, June 6th - 12th, for a one-week study of and immersion into the American fire service.

The visiting team, all of whom are Dutch-speaking with some English, will be lodging in the fire stations (locations to be finalized) and they will be riding along as observers. Since this is a non-profit effort, funding for this trip is limited and they are very appreciative of the opportunity to lodge at the stations - without which they couldn’t afford to come.

Their organizers approached TVF&R after hearing a positive review of the District from a member of the Accreditation Review Team that visited in October. He had praised TVF&R for being welcoming and accommodating during his visit, and commented about how open the District is to the exchange of best practices and innovative ideas. 

From initial discussions, learning about the Belgian approach to firefighting and emergency services promises to be very interesting as well. In fact, they mentioned that in at least one of their larger cities, the fire department operates from one central station that houses 85 pieces of apparatus.

While in the area, they will take some group tours of WCCCA and other local fire departments as well as spend time at the Training Center observing drills. They’ve also planned day trips to Mt. Hood, the coast, and downtown Portland to break up the study with a bit of fun. They will be providing their own transportation to all of their scheduled activities.

In the past ten years, the Belgian Fire-Observers have visited a variety of fire departments across the States, including: San Diego, Phoenix, Dallas, Jacksonville (FL), Atlanta, Washington DC, and Richmond (VA). This year, other teams are scheduled to visit Corpus Christi, TX and Oakland, CA.

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