Message from Kristin

Hi Paul!

Thanks for the note – I’ll share the greeting with others. I’ve been checking the blog every few days to see all the pictures. Just from the pictures, it looks like a great trip for all. I hope you’d agree. Obviously, everyone enjoyed driving on the beach?  

Life is back to normal here in Aloha and around the rest of the District too. I hate to say it, but we had a pretty big apartment fire a just couple days after you all flew away. I guess there really is something to the “rider’s curse”. And, on this Monday, we had a fire in an old trailer home while the weather was over 100 F degrees – ugh! In fact it has been really warm and sunny for many days.

I ate my last piece of Belgian chocolates today.

We hebben dus blijkbaar toch nog wat gemist, de laatste dagen al enkele serieuze brandjes gehad daar in Tualatin Valley

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