TVFR Newsflash

Juist bericht gekregen vanuit Beaverton dat er gisteren een vliegtuig is neergestort op twee woningen tijdens een airshow.

Meer nieuws in de lokale kranten en bij de tv-stations



here is one of the TV station websites www.kgw.com and www.oregonlive.com is the newspaper.

there are pictures of an incident that TVF&R crews responded to – an airplane crash during the annual air show in Hillsboro. A vintage British military plane crashed into a house trying to make an emergency landing in a field. It was in Hillsboro Fire Department’s area, but a number of TVF&R crews responded as well (including the Aloha Station 62 where Paul stayed.). It was actually adjacent to the New Season’s grocery store where you bought your gluten-free food – just on the other side of the fence from their parking lot


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