Welgemeende woorden van over de plas.....

Deze week kregen we via de bestuursleden van de Fireobservers al enkele mails van Amerikaanse collega's die hun deelneming uitspraken voor het verlies van François De Ridder van brandweer Asse, en ook om de beterschap naar de betrokken gekwetste brandweermannen uit te spreken. In het bijzonder was dit aan de Guy gericht die vorig jaar met ons meeging voor een brandweerstage bij Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue in Oregon. Deze wensen werden hem reeds overgemaakt, maar ook hier krijgen ze een plaats op de blog...

Guy was in elk geval geemotioneerd door deze blijken van sympathie tijdens deze moeillijke dagen.


Oh gosh Carl.....this is terrible news.
I've forwarded this to our Union and I definitely do remember Guy.
If you could please provide us with an address so we may send him our well wishes.
I apologize for not typing with your earlier, but life has been busy.
Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his co-workers. Please provide us with any updates as time goes by.
Deze mail kwam van Captain Leonard Damian, Station Officer station 34, TVF&R.


I’m sad to hear that an Engine rolled over with a fatality and serious injuries. Please express my condolences and regrets to the family and fellow firefighters of the engineer (driver). A FF death is such a tragic loss of a brother FF is very sad. Please let the other injured FFs involved that I wish them well and a best of recovery.
Take and be safe!, Bill
Deze mail kwam van William lau, TVF&R


I am very sorry to hear about the accident and for the loss and injuries of your friends. Please know that all of you are in our prayers and that we think of you often.
My condolences, Jason Allegri
Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue , Station 34
Tualatin, Oregon USA


Carl, my name is William Coker I was one of the firefighter who showed you around when you came to Oregon. I remember Guy very much. He was so excited and full of energy about how we do things here at Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue. I wish him and his family the very best. We are all sad and in shock over what happened. Please send him our very best regards and we will keep him in our prayers. Sincerely, Will.
Deze mail kwam van William Coker IV, TVF&R.


We are all stunned and saddened by your loss and the loss of a brother firefighter as well as the severe injury of another. I have forwarded the email to all the dept. who also sends their thoughts and prayers to you all.
As you may know, South Caroling suffered a tremendous loss of 9 firefighters on the same day as your accident. Very tragic that a roof collapsed on these men trying to search out for possible entrapped employees of a furniture warehouse and business. It is always a difficult time to loose someone in the line of duty. If we can do anything, please let us know. I would like to get an address so that we could send our well wished to your friend, Guy, while he is in the hospital. We would also send our sympathy to the family and to the other injured firefighters. So, if you have that, please forward to me and I’ll get it out.
I think of you guys everyday. Tell them all that I am still waiting to hear from them. Debbie
Deze mail kwam van Captain Debbie Bryars, Mobile Fire Rescue.


Hey Charlie:
The loss of our brother firefighter is so sad and we all grieve with you. For our brothers in the hospital and rehab we wish the best recovery.
Yours in the fire service,
Tim Alameda, Reno Fire Department
Vanwege Deputy Chief Tim Alameda, Reno Fire Department.


I am so sorry about your friend and all of the other men hurt in the
accident. It is always such a tragedy when things like this happen. We lost
a wonderful firefighter and person last year in a simular accident and it
just seems like things like this never get better, even though I did not
know your friend I am so sorry. If you need anything, even just to talk, I'm here.
Autumn Nurton
Vanwege FF. Autumn Nurton, New Orleans Fire Department.


Our prayers go out to you and yours. In America, traffic crashes are the number one reason for loss of life on duty---You may have heard also that we lost 9 FF's in a roof collapse at a warehouse fire in Charleston, South Carolina on Monday night.

Keep in touch and I'll pass the word to our Brothers and Sisters here about your loss and wishes for speedy recovery of the others

Mark Lieberstein, Sr.

Vanwege Capt Marc Lieberman, Hillsborough County Fire Rescue
Tampa, Fl. 33610


De komende dagen zullen er ongetwijfeld nog meer mails de mailbox in vallen, ook die zullen Guy overgemaakt worden. Verder kunnen jullie hier ook nog jullie woorden overmaken via een rouwregister dat werd aangemaakt. http://rouwregister.first-response.be/ .


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